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Connect Updates (02 Apr 2012)

Created: 02 Apr 2012 • 2 comments
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Public Facing

  • Added "My Bookmarks" feature to allow users to bookmark groups, articles, and topics of interest on Connect.
  • Added an adrenaline pump to the indexing engine that automatically kicks in when it detects that the number of posts submitted are getting ahead of the number of posts indexed (as evidenced by "the forum list is not updating" symptom). When the script detects the issue, the indexing engine is shifted into high gear until the backlog no longer exists.
  • Imported new data to refresh the accreditations and certifications records of our users.
  • Fixed the issue with the "Versions" filter on forum list pages not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the community selector (on create/edit forms) misbehaving when the "none" option was chosen using a mobile device.
  • Added code that will prevent users of the Firefox browser from pasting images (an unsupported practice) into the body of the rich-text editor.
  • Wrote and executed a script that tagged all the "Business Authentication Blog posts" with the the "Authentication Services Group" tag.

Admin Facing

  • Consolidated the "block/unblock" log with the "user notes" log so community managers can go one place to review a user's history.
  • Added a report -- for users with escalated privileges -- that helps to audit votes cast for and against a target piece of content. This report will help make sure votes are valid and not part of a scheme to game the Connect reward system.
  • Created a report for the technical support team that shows the average time it takes TSEs to solve posted issues.


  • Fixed case and translation of footer phrases (Reply, Delete, Edit, Report to Mollom.)

Behind the Scenes

  • Upgraded code base to Drupal 6.25 - maintenance release.
  • Upgraded CKEditor module to v6.x-1.10 - security release.
  • Upgraded Memcache module - maintenance release.
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TonySterling's picture

Thanks for the update Kevin!  Should the certifications and accredations be updated now?  Mine seem to still be lagging behind.



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riva11's picture

"My Bookmarks" is simply fantastic!  Thanks for these updates.

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