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Connect Updates (02 May 2012)

Created: 02 May 2012 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 4
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User Facing

  • Added code that allows us to host the "Symantec Control Compliance Suite Connectors Library" on Connect.
  • Added new components that allow us to host videos from Symantec's Vision series of technical conferences on Connect.
  • Added a gatekeeper form to Vision videos so the Vision team to collect data on users who are viewing their videos.
  • Modified "notifications" functionality so notification emails are not sent out until a piece of content that's scheduled to be published in the future is actually published -- instead of when it's entered into the CMS.
  • Modified the "Content-Type Response header value" in all RSS feeds to always be "application/rss+xml" -- some RSS readers were unable to parse Connect's RSS feeds because they did not recognize the header value that was being set.
  • Fixed an issue with missing line breaks in group membership request emails.
  • Fixed characters -- ' " < > & -- that were being escaped on Connect activity feeds.

Admin Facing

Added an audit script that will email a list of administrators if forum list pages start showing up blank.

UI Translation
Translated the following UI elements into French, German, and Spanish:

  • Archiving and eDiscovery
  • Backup and Recovery