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Connect Updates (03 Aug 2011)

Created: 03 Aug 2011 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 5
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  • Added a "private" label that displays at the node-level. Previous to this change, private labels only showed up on content list pages.
  • Removed the "Broadcast" functionality from groups since it's been replaced with the more useful "E-mail Group Members" feature.
  • Fixed an issue where unpublished forum posts were showing up in the "Can you solve" this list.
  • Fixed an issue with our newsletter subscription code that was not consistently saving changes to usernames and email addresses.
  • Fixed an issue with quick polls that were allowing anonymous users to see the "vote" button but not allowing them to vote. (You must be logged in to vote on a Connect poll.)
  • Added pages, forms, and download processing for the VIP Developer Program:
  • Updated messages displayed to admins on moderation of User Points transactions.
  • Added the ability for site admins to publish or unpublish content (articles, blog entries, downloads, or videos) at a given date/time.
  • To improve search metrics, we've added a test to keep users from entering blank searches or searches for the placeholder text, "Enter keywords to search ...".
  • Performance enhancement: changed caching period for the navigation share menu to 6 days.
  • Performance enhancement: updated CSS and JS aggregation and optimization process to allow for faster page load times.
  • Tuned permissions to allow more granular access to administrative tasks.
  • Updated the Video content type to require a 25-word description of each video submission.
  • Fixed an issue with the "request membership" form used on gated groups.
  • Fixed issue with sorting and categorization on group list page.