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Connect Updates (14 June 2012)

Created: 13 Jun 2012 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 9
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User Facing: Desktop

  • Added "collaborative editing" functionality for the Symantec Workflow product team. This new feature allows Workflow help files to be served from Connect -- as both an article in Connect and as a screen in the Workflow product. The new functionality also allows users to collaborate by suggesting enhancements and improvements to each help page via a new "Suggest Changes" tab.
  • Replaced the "Share" menu with individual share icons located at the top of each content page. Icons currently include: Email, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Read more about this new functionality at
  • Fixed a CSS issue that was keeping bold-italic type from rendering properly in posts.
  • Added two new forums to the Backup and Recovery community:
    • Backup Exec 3600 Appliance
    • Desktop Laptop Option
  • Reduced the complexity of the "filed under" section of posts by adding "Show more" and "Show less" buttons to long group lists (see attached image).

User Facing: Mobile

  • Fixed CSS problems with user badges.

Performance Wins:

  • Limited RSS feeds to serve the 10 most recent items. Some feeds were serving unlimited items and putting an unnecessary load on the origin server.
  • Refactored links to user blogs and links to user blog RSS feeds. This allowed us to remove more than 500,000 rows from the URL alias table -- making queries against the table much faster.
  • Established new rules with the Akamai cache servers so they will serve cached list pages until one of these actions occur:
    • New node
    • Edited node
    • New comment on node
    • Edited comment
    • Vote on node
    • Vote on comment

    This allows the caching servers (which are located globally and are extremely fast) to pull updates from the origin server only when they detect one of the above actions has taken place.

Admin Facing

  • Added a feature that will allow Community Managers to query the Accreditation and Certification database for more details about a user's Accreditation and Certification status (see attached image).
  • Added functionality to manage bouncing emails. We can now improve performance by troubleshooting (and removing) user email addresses that are no longer valid. We can also improve our delivery rate by identifying and working with problematic destination systems.

UI Translation

  • Enabled a tool to help Japanese and Chinese translators locate and translate the most popular UI elements on Connect. The tool organizes phrases so the most viewed are translated first and the seldom- or never-viewed are translated last.