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Connect Updates (16 May 2012)

Created: 16 May 2012 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • 1 comment • Page Views: 5
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User Facing

  • Refactored the code that updates forum list pages to process and display new posts before allocating resources to maintenance or cleanup tasks. (English: even when the site indexing engine gets bogged down, forum posts will be processed and displayed before anything else.)
  • Resolved an issue with the Connect email notifications engine that was inadvertently marking some queued notifications as "sent" before they had actually left the server.
  • Added the ability to order items from the Symantec Rewards catalog in multiples.
  • Improved the performance of Group home pages by moving the activity list generation to the Solr engine.
  • Refreshed user database with updated Accreditation information.
  • Refreshed user database with updated Certification information.
  • Removed the broken Twitter link from the "Share" menu.

User Facing: Mobile

  • Fixed an issue with products being pre-selected in the content create forms.
  • Changed the default sort order of forum posts to "Recent Activity"
  • Added the ability to toggle the search results between "Most Relevant" and "Most Recent"
  • Added a new "mini button" class in attempt to render buttons that are large enough to be useful yet small enough to minimize the impact on small screens.

Admin Facing

  • Added code to better manage private and public videos hosted on Brightcove servers.
  • Added a report that helps us view a target user's voting history.
  • Added a report that lists users who are casting an abnormally high number of votes.
  • Added debug code to help us detect and troubleshoot the reported, "all forum posts are showing up as solved" issue.

Behind the Scenes

  • Upgraded Organic Groups module to v6.x-2.3 -- Security release
  • Upgraded Print module to v6.x-1.15 -- Security release
  • Upgraded i18n module to 6.x-1.10 -- Maintenance release
  • Upgrade jquerymobile framework to 1.1.0 -- Maintenance release