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Connect Updates (17 Apr 2012)

Created: 18 Apr 2012 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • 3 comments • Page Views: 11
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User Facing

  • Refactored "Activity Feeds" on home page and community overview pages to update more often.
  • Added optional Twitter feed to Event Group home pages.
  • Removed "Google Buzz" option from "Share" menu.
  • Solved an issue that was causing a fatal error when the events activity filter was selected from certain group home pages.
  • Fixed an issue with partner badges not showing up on comments and forum discussion threads that were posted by partners.
  • Fixed a TMI issue in the date drop down that displays when creating an email invitation to a published event.
  • Fixed links to RSS on individual blog pages to focus on target blog exclusively.
  • Fixed an issue with character encoding in the title of forum posts in the mobile theme.
  • Fixed an issue with the activity feeds on group home pages loading slow.

Admin Facing

  • Added a tool that allows admins to clear individual user caches to assist in troubleshooting user account issues.
  • Fixes an issue with vote actions not passing analytics info to Omniture.

UI Translation
Translated the following UI elements into French, German, and Spanish:

  • New discussion
  • Mark as offensive
  • Escalate to support
  • Bookmarks
  • Bookmark this
  • Add this post to your bookmarks
  • This post has been added to your bookmarks
  • Unbookmark this
  • Remove this post from your bookmarks
  • This post has been removed from your bookmarks
  • My bookmarks
  • You have not yet bookmarked any content. Click the "Bookmark this" link when viewing a piece of content to add it to this list.
  • This thread is locked. Please start a new discussion.
  • Member Profile
  • Vote Stats
  • Votes on @title
  • Return to previous page.
  • No votes have been cast on this item.

Behind the Scenes

  • Upgraded Admin Menu module to v6.x-1.8 - maintenance release.
  • Upgraded Apache Solr module to v6.x-1.6 - maintenance release.
  • Upgraded Nodewords module to v6.x-1.13 - maintenance release.
  • Upgraded the OS on all our servers to RHEL 5.8 -- Included updates to the Linux kernel and a ton of base packages (including Apache).

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The item

"Fixed an issue with partner badges not showing up on comments and forum discussion threads that were posted by partners."

might still have issues.

My account for instance should have the "Partner" and "Accredited" flags, I think. But they are not visible.. ?


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Thanks for the note Michel.

The issue we're dealing with now is how many badges to display on posts (which gets even more complicated when you factor in the mobile user).

The current logic is that we show 1 role badge +1 certified badge +1 accredited badge.

The priority of the role badge is determined in this order:

  • Admin
  • Tech Support
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Symantec Employee
  • Partner

We know this is a problem that needs to be solved so we're actively working on a solution.


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My Partner badge is not showing up either, but maybe a 4th badge would be one too many......

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