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Connect Updates (18 Oct 2012)

Created: 18 Oct 2012 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 5
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User Facing: Desktop

  • Added an "IT Trends" community to Connect. This new community gives users a simple, easy-to-navigate view of what other Symantec users are talking about.
  • Fixed an issue with partner badges being systematically added to the profiles of Symantec employees when they were added to the PartnerNet group.
  • Fixed an issue with blog posts changing breadcrumbs on submission.
  • Removed the duplicate navigation bar that authenticated users were seeing on their profile pages.
  • Modified the featured article carousel on community overview pages to allow modification by community managers and inclusion of special-use HTML.
  • Created a new permission that will give content reviewers (like product managers) the ability to view and review unpublished submissions.
  • Fixed an issue with a URL that's embedded in a product UI:
  • Added a workflow and file protection scheme for posting and managing Vision Barcelona assets (videos and downloads).

Performance Wins

  • Converted AJAX calls to product-version filters to HTTP GET to allow caching by Akamai CDN.

Behind the Scenes

  • Updated SSL certificates on staging and production instances.
  • Moved Connect's Dallas servers to a newer part of the data center that offers increased power redundancy by drawing power from two separate UPS sources. This new location also has in-cabinet automatic transfer switches which provide power redundancy for single-corded devices.
  • Fixed a fatal error that was occurring when the Symantec VIP Token service calls failed.

Admin Facing

  • Exposed the phrase, "Sign up here" for translation.
  • Exposed the phrase, "Search Tips" for translation.
  • Exposed the phrase, "Trends Community" for translation.

Timestamp: 3:46pm -- Monday, October 29