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Connect Updates (19 Jul 2011)

Created: 19 Jul 2011 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • 2 comments • Page Views: 7
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  • Added a "preview" button to the create- and edit-forms so contributors can preview their formatted submissions before submitting them via the "save" button.
  • Added a link to each user's profile page that allows users to subscribe to notifications when content is posted by the specified user.
  • Moved the BrightCode code (that facilitates video viewing) to the Connect server to eliminate the security warnings that appear when the code is fetched via http from the BrightCove server.
  • Performance enhancement: Moved serving of activity feeds on user profile pages to Solr engine.
  • Performance enhancement: Updated the methods used to generate the groups list page to employ caching with a logic-based cache expiry when group nodes are added or updated in the system.
  • Performance enhancement: Enabled more robust caching of user avatars.
  • Added a "padlock" icon to locked discussions on forum list pages.
  • Improved the "move this hijacking comment to a discussion of its own" functionality to also move attachemnts along with the parent comment.
  • Enhanced the "user merge" tool to also merge the source user's roles and group memberships into the target user's account.
  • Fixed redirect-on-login function so the user is returned to the page where they initiated the login after they've successfully authenticated.
  • Added Omniture tracking code to links in "Feature Slides" on home page.
  • Enabled "Mollom" ( spam monitoring on all incoming posts. Posts that contain spam will be placed in an unpublished state until an Editor has time to review and either release or delete them.
  • Updated the notifications email formatting to make use of advanced HTML codes while protecting against script injection attacks.

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Great changes! I love the preview button, really helpful ... Thanks Kevin.

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