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Connect Updates (25 Jul 2012)

Created: 25 Jul 2012 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014 • 2 comments • Page Views: 14
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User Facing: Desktop

  • Changed the behavior of the search page so the "Retain current filters" option is selected by default.
  • Changed the behavior of the search widget so the "Search Users" option is never selected by default.
  • Added code that allows users to forward private messages to other users.
  • Added code that lets users remove themselves from private message threads.
  • Resolved an issue with the "Can you solve these?" block being empty when there were forum posts that needed to be solved.
  • Fixed an issue with users who were imported from legacy systems (Lithium forums) not being able to accept the Connect terms and conditions -- and, as a result, not being allowed to log in to Connect.
  • Fixed the tooltips on the Idea list pages to display properly.
  • Fixed the product filter on group activity pages so selecting a product will constrain the posts in the activity feed to only those that match the selected product.
  • Added an updated collection of photos for content that's featured on community overview pages.
  • Resolved an issue with the number of group members listed on the group list page not matching the number of members in the group.

User Facing: Mobile

  • Fixed an issue that was throwing an error when users on the Mobile site attempted to vote on posts.

Admin Facing

  • Added the ability for site admins to compose a forum post and schedule it for publication at a future time/date.
  • Added code that gives administrators of subgroups the ability to override the default behavior (add new subgroup member to the parent group) when a member of a subgroup does not want to be a member of the parent group.
  • Automated the process of updating the certification and accreditation information stored on Connect.
  • Configured our email system to send outgoing emails using TLS encryption when possible and to only send TLS encrypted emails to certain domains where Symantec has a contractual obligation to encrypt all communication.
  • Updated the Mollom content monitoring module to 6.x-2.0

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Andy Welburn's picture

Changed the behavior of the search widget so the "Search Users" option is never selected by default.

A little late (& not sure whether to post this in the forum .... yet!)

If you do use the search facility at the top of the page for a user it fails initially as it precedes your search with the string "apachesolr_search/" & then you need to search again in the 'new' search bar.

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Kevin's picture

Thanks for the feedback Andy.

I've created a ticket for this issue and will make sure it gets resolved.


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