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Connect Updates (28 Jan 2011)

Created: 31 Jan 2011 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • 3 comments • Page Views: 2
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  • Added the ability to filter search results by their "Solved" or "Unsolved" status.
  • Added a feature that will give admins, editors and trusted advisors the ability to create a new discussion thread from an off-topic comment.
  • Added a "Block Reason" field to the user profile so editors can track why a user was blocked.
  • Created a report that compares a .csv list of email addresses against the Connect user list to check for overlap.
  • Fixed an issue where month names on blog pages were showing up in the wrong language.
  • Addressed an issue with "Automatic alias" checkbox not staying checked.
  • Fixed an issue where videos tagged to appear in the "screencast help" section of the site were not appearing.
  • Tweaked special character handling in node bodies so "MS Word" style quotes will render properly.
  • Eliminated locked forum threads from the "can you solve these" list.
  • Changed the behavior of Tech Note links on Known Issues pages. They now open in their own window.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Groups" filter truncating some of the longer group names.
  • Changed the sort order of items in the "Recently Solved" list to be chronological.
  • Fixed the "auto-subscribe on group join request" bug.
  • Fixed an issue on list pages where ampersands (&) were being encoded to their safe HTML equivalent of &
  • Fixed an issue with polls displaying in a vote-ready state for anonymous users.
  • Addressed an issue where users clicking on a translated piece of content on a list page (list of forum topics) would be taken to the content /and/ see the language of their UI change to match the language of the content piece.
  • Fixed an issue where a user browsing in a non-default language saw a broken page because the language code for these stylesheets was prepended to the path, and the appropriate CSS files weren't found.

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Marianne's picture

"Create a new discussion" got removed again?

This post: really needs to be a new discussion.

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Kevin's picture

Thanks for the heads up Marianne,

The feature wasn't removed on purpose ... I have the developers looking into the issue now.


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Kevin's picture

Hi Marianne,

We found and fixed the issue with the "New discussion" functionality.

Thanks again,


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