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Consumer Data Security Breach Underscores Need For Secure Cloud Offering

Created: 09 Jun 2011
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Today's news about the consumer data security breach at Citigroup underscores the need for a secure cloud offering.  Citigroup acknowledged today that hackers had penetrated its systems, exposing sensitive data regarding credit card customers.

Regardless of which systems were hacked, this news supports the need for companies to closely scrutinize cloud offerings for their data storage.  It is not enough for a cloud provider to offer cheap and unlimited storage.  Companies must satisfy themselves that appropriate security measures are in place when data is transferred and stored in the cloud.  Otherwise, sensitive business and consumer information could be subject to disclosure and misuse.

Proper safekeeping measures should include an encryption protocol that provides security for data transfers to and from the cloud.  Multi-layered firewalls that prevent unauthorized access to company data should also be included.  Such measures will help keep hackers at bay and limit access within the organization to those who are authorized.

And security measures are only the beginning.  Various other factors, such as the ability to actually retrieve data (see, come into play in determining whether a cloud offering is right for your organization.  Neglecting to thoroughly examine these issues before going to the cloud could lead to a similar security breach – or worse.