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Converting your Servicedesk System Installation to Be IP-Based

Created: 08 Nov 2010 • Updated: 08 Nov 2010
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There are some customers who want all of their URL's in their Servicedesk System to be IP Address-based, rather than domain named-based.  For example, one might want to access the Process Manager portal by using the link 

rather than the link


The steps below outline the process.

1.  Login to the Servicedesk portal as someone with administrative properties.

2.  Click on Admin>Data>Application Properties.  You should see the screen below.

3.  Click on the lightning bolt to the right, and select "Display Definition Values"

4.  Click on the lightning bolt to the right again, and select "Edit Values"

5.  You will then see a screen similar to below: 

6.  Shown above, you can see the ProcessManagerURL is set to http://SD-Master/ProcessManager.  Simple replace the server name (in this case SD-Master) with the IP Address of the SD Server.  It would then appear as, (where represents the IP Address of the SD server.

7.  Continue thru the individual entries of each category, and in all cases where you see an http://servername/...., enter the IP address as described in Step 6.

8.  When complete, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

9.  Restart IIS

10.  Restart Server Extensions.

You are complete.  Each of the processes will now properly reference the IP Address in their respective URL's, including system-generated emails.