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A couple of problems with http package delivery (SMP 7.0)

Created: 10 Apr 2011 • Updated: 11 Apr 2011
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I logged on a customer system last week that had issues downloading packages.

It turned out to be a couple of package problem:

  1. A directory "bin" existed in the package. The bin directory traditionally contains the executable sources for a web-application (exe or dll's) and as such is filtered out from view. So this caused the requests for the bin directory content to return http error 404 (access denied). Now making this work is not trivial, as the filtering is not documented in IIS 6.0 as well as for 7.0. The only solution I found was to set the bin directory as an application. As it happens this is what we (Altiris) do for the "NSCap\bin" as shown here:

  2. Another directory contained a thumbs.db file. This file had attributes set to hidden and system, so again IIS was not able to serve the file and returned http 404 error. The solution for this one was easy for the work-around: run "attrib.exe"and specify the "-h" and "-s" switches to make the file visible to IIS users.

The long term solution for (1) remains to be found by Altiris Support, as this most likely will turn into a defect. The solution for (2) is much simpler: make sure you don't package cache thumbnail images, or if you do need them, make sure they are not set with the hidden and system flags.