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Creating a List of Users

Created: 05 Jan 2007 • Updated: 29 May 2007 • 2 comments
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Hi Folks,
We are implimenting bar code solution and are in need of some help with a little bit of customization. What we would like is to build a dynamic list that pulls all the users in the company to our hand held and stores them in a combo/drop down box so we can assign them as machine owners.

Since it would have to be dynamic, I imagine it would have to be SQL of some sort, but I can't for the life of me get it to work. Any bar code gurus out there willing to lend a hand?


In the current version of Barcode Solution, without customization, you can download users to the handheld. That option is presented as a dropdown menu on the barcoder. Browse to Configuration > Solutions Settings > Assets and Inventory > Barcode Solution > Download Profiles and configure the profiles for the users (workers) that will be scanning the assets. Then in the Download Configuration section, select the supporting resources that will be sent to the download profile. This section lets you narrow the amount of data that is sent to a download profile. Altiris recommends that you select only the data that this download profile needs when performing the scans.

  1. In Users (in selected Department(s)), click the Select a Department link to select the user resources (by department) to be sent to the barcode device.
  2. In Departments, click the Select a Department link to select the department resources to be sent to the barcode device.
  3. In Cost Centers, click the Select a Cost Center link to select the cost center resources to be sent to the barcode device.
  4. In Locations, click the Select a Location link to select the location resources to be sent to the barcode device.
  5. In All resources in these collections, click the Select a Collection link to select the collections whose resources you want sent to the barcode device.

Using this process will download the users in the Asset Control Solution down to the barcoder and allow you to assign them to machines owners.

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You can also use Connector Solution in Service and Asset Management Suite to import your users from other external data sources, be they databases, flat files, XML, etc.

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You can use the view vUser.

Example: select * from vUser

The views columns are ...
[Guid],[Name],[Domain],[Personal Title]
,[Given Name],[Initials],[Surname],[Display Name]
,[Office Location],[Office Telephone],[Email]
,[Job Title],[Department],[Company]
,[Home Telephone],[Mobile],[Pager],[Facsimile]
,[Street Address],[PO Box],[City],[State]

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