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Creating a Smart Task in Workflow

Created: 14 Oct 2008 • Updated: 11 Mar 2009
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Note: While this article makes reference to "smart tasks", these are not intended to be the Help Desk 6.5 smart tasks. Rather, they are actions that can be performed in conjunction with your workflow process. So too, these actions may not complete the task or process, but will operate as a supplement.

When working tasks such as incidents, you may want to utilize a smart task as a means to access an additional resource such as Google or perhaps even that marvelous website known as Juice. The following instructions walk you through creating a smart task in a Workflow Solution process.

(This is another helpful hint post for my fellow novices...)

  1. Open your Workflow process and double-click a dialog workflow that is associated with an actionable task.
  2. In the Editor window, select the Interactions Setup tab.
  3. Click Add.
  4. In the Edit Object window, list the Category as "Tools" (or whatever works best as a category for you) and provide a Name for your new tool. For this example, we will add the Juice website as a tool.
  5. Click the ellipse next to Dialog Model.
  6. Add a Merge Text component to your new dialog model and double-click the component to edit it.
  7. Click the ellipse next to Merge Data.
  8. In the Advanced Text Creator window, type the URL of the site you will use as the new tool, followed by "?q=", then drag and drop a variable from the process after the equal sign. Your text should appear as "http://<___>", where <___> denotes the location of the variable, which should be some type of keyword that will be searched upon. Depending on the type of process you are modifying, this may be a name or a block of text, such as details about the submission.
  9. Click OK and provide a variable name for your tool. For this example, we will use "JuiceSearchString".
  10. Click OK, and back the in Decision Model editor, add a Terminate and Transfer Dialog Flow component.
  11. 11. Double-click the component to edit it and in the URL field, select the output variable name that you created in the Merge Data component. Click OK.
  12. Connect all of the components together.
  13. Click OK three times to exit the component editors. Your new tool will be applied the next time you deploy the process and should be visible from your task list when you work the task.