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Corporate Responsibility in Action

#CSRChatting with Susan McPherson of Fenton Communications

Created: 07 Nov 2013
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Last Thursday, Symantec’s Vice President of Corporate Responsibility Cecily Joseph had the opportunity to join Fenton’s #CSRChat on Twitter for a live discussion on Symantec’s corporate responsibility strategy and program.

Hosted by Fenton’s Susan McPherson, award-nominated #CSRchats are bi-weekly Twitter conversations centered around important topics in corporate responsibility. Past #CSRChats have featured discussions around corporate philanthropy, crisis management and transparency, disaster relief, water sourcing, and environmental reporting.

We won’t lie, it was our first time in the driver’s seat of a live Twitter chat and we were a little nervous about how it would play out. But it was as engaging, insightful, and fun as we thought -- so much that we wanted to share it again with everyone!  

Thank you again Susan and Fenton for having us!

@susanmcp1 Q6. How did you become passionate about diversity and its role in #CSR? #CSRChat

‏@CecilyJosephCR A6A: I saw the lack of gender & ethnic diversity within tech & leadership, and I wanted to change that from the inside out. #CSRChat

A6B: @Symantec is making great progress; we now have 3 women on our board (30%) #CSRChat

@susanmcp1 Q7. What are your sustainability goals for 2014? #CSRChat

‏@CecilyJosephCR A7: Our goals: Increase @Symantec volunteerism by 20%, integrate CR thru a management/accountability program and engage green team #CSRChat

@susanmcp1 Q9. Can you tell us about employee engagement and volunteering at the company?  #CSRChat

‏@CecilyJosephCR A9A: Last year, we saw a 41% jump in employee volunteering. We are about to roll out our 1st internat'l service core project. #CSRChat

@CecilyJosephCR A9B: Volunteerism increase was due to 1) leadership support & 2) internal messaging (thx @CSRCitizen for asking!) #CSRChat

@susanmcp1 Q11. Tell us about philanthropy at @Symantec? Does it fall under your purview? #CSRChat

@CecilyJosephCR A11: Yes it does! We donated $20M+ in software last yr thru @TechSoup & emphasize #STEM ed, online safety, environment & diversity #CSRChat

@susanmcp1 Q12. How do you motivate @Symantec employees to take an active role in sustainability? #CSRChat

@CecilyJosephCR A12: New leadership drives #sustainability from the top. Our CEO, Steve Bennett, has made CR/sustainability part of everyone's job #CSRChat

@susanmcp1 Q13. Where does "social" fall on your agenda? Are digital and social platforms important to you? #CSRChat

@CecilyJosephCR A13A: Yes; we are exploring new ways to use social to reach @Symantec's many stakeholders #CSRChat

@CecilyJosephCR A13B: @Symantec plays an important role in helping people stay safe online & social is an integral part of the digital environment #CSRChat

@CecilyJosephCR A13C: Personally, this is the beginning of the journey for me; I'm still learning how to use all of these social tools! #CSRChat

@susanmcp1 Q14. If you could offer advice to millennials looking for careers in CSR, what would it be? #CSRChat

@CecilyJosephCR A14: Integrate #CSR into your everyday job; CR doesn’t need to be in your title to make it part of your everyday behavior! #CSRChat

@susanmcp1 #CSRChat guests, we are out of time, but I wanted to thank our amazing guest today, @CecilyJosephCR. She was exceptional!


Lora Phillips is Symantec's Senior Manager, Global Corporate Responsibility.