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Netting Out NetBackup

Customer Success Stories: How NetBackup Appliances are solving today's challenges.

Created: 20 May 2013
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NetBackup Appliances have been enjoying great success. I recently wrote about the tremendous growth of NetBackup Appliances, “Are we witnessing the transformation from Target to Integrated PBBAs?” by examining the purpose-built backup appliance market data as reported by IDC. 

While it is great to see market data highlighting our success, we need to peel away the layers and understand what is truly driving this growth. It is our Customers! NetBackup Appliances address the challenges organizations have to deal with today, and need to be prepared for in the future. 

Let’s look at how four (4) customers who are using NetBackup Appliance to solve their challenges; Arsys, CSX, PostFinance, and State of Michigan. The customer stories are detailed n CIO Digest, April 2013 issue, CSX in Laying the Tracks of Protection; and Arsys, PostFinance, and State of Michigan in Integrated Swiss Army Knife: Six Use Cases for Data Protection Appliances

NetBackup Appliances:  Uses Cases

The challenges of these four customers are typical of many of our customers:      

  • Hardware Consolidation:  NetBackup appliances deliver OpEx savings through the integrated appliance format compared to a build your own media server. Also, organizations are able to consolidate other backup point products (i.e. VTLs, tape libraries, and dedupe target appliances) into the NetBackup appliance form factor to provide even greater OpEx and CapEx savings.  At Arsys, Olaf Sandstrom, COO, and team re-architected the company’s storage environment to create a more dynamic storage infrastructure, migrating from tape and VTL over to disk: “Beyond the CAPEX reductions from hardware, we also achieved significant OPEX savings around maintenance and power”. 
  • Remote Office/Branch Office:  NetBackup appliances integrated form factor allows for the consolidation of disparate backup products (tape, dedupe, VTL, media server). This provides centralized management and enables replication to a corporate site. Dan Parks’ (Technology Director, Infrastructure Provisioning, CSX), team is in the final stages of consolidating and centralizing backups for CSX’s remote offices using NetBackup. “These previously required dedicated servers and storage, not to mention someone to run them,” he says. “We’ve significantly reduced the number of required locations and plan to continue our consolidation efforts. In addition to the cost savings, we have reduced risk.”
  • Virtualization:  a key benefit of NetBackup and NetBackup appliances is to manage data protection in both virtual and physical environments with a single solution. Having multiple backup point products across the organization increases the cost and complexity when organizations can least afford it. “Having a single tool for managing data protection across both physical and virtual environments is very important,” according to Lynn Draschil, Director, Customer Service, Department of Technology Management and Budget, State of Michigan. 
  • Manage data growth:  NetBackup appliances support deduplication. Whether it occurs at the source or target, deduplication enables organization to better manage their data growth, reduce the amount and cost of tape and disk storage, and deliver both CapEx and OpEx savings. “Client-side deduplication is providing PostFinance with tangible advantages. Andreas Christen, Sr, Backup and Storage Engineer, PostFinance, indicates that the financial services firm can store up to six times as much data from its Oracle database environment and as much as 20 times for its server environment.”

NetBackup 5200 Series appliances, both the NetBackup 5230 and NetBackup 5220 backup appliances, address the challenges that organizations are facing today and tomorrow. Check out and subscribe to CIO Digest to learn more about these customers and their solutions with NetBackup Appliances.