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Customize BIOS/DRAC/BMC Configuration on a "Per Machine" Basis

Created: 14 Feb 2007 • Updated: 07 Jul 2009
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Whenever a configuration file is captured using a Deployment Solution for Dell Servers job, the default behavior is to have one configuration file for each model of server. This can be beneficial because it allows you to configure as many servers of that model as you desire. It can also be very restrictive because it doesn't allow you to specify unique settings among machines of the same model. Use the following instructions to disable the default behavior, and allow you to specify as many unique configurations as you like.

  1. In the Job Pane, click on the Configure job that you would like to change the behavior of (either BIOS, DRAC or BMC).
  2. Double-click on the runscript task, and then press modify.
  3. Locate the User Modification Section and find the variable that specifies whether to use "SOURCE" or "MACH_ID" (it will be named differently for each respective preboot).
  4. Change this variable to "MACH_ID".
  5. Then open the Dell\Toolkit\PEXXXX folder using Windows explorer.
  6. Copy the sysset.ini file that you have currently been using for a universal configuration and rename it to be the machine ID (right click on the computer in the computer pane and go to properties to find that, it is usually a number starting with 5000000) followed by .ini. For example, I could have a machine with machine id 5000001, so I would have a file named 5000001.ini.

Now you can open that file, make any unique modifications, and from now on whenever you configure that server using the Deployment Solution for Dell Servers provided configuration script, that machine will be configured using those unique settings instead of those found in sysset.ini.