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{CWoC-2012} Happy New Year Connect and Patch Tool Kit version bumped to 0.6.7

Created: 01 Jan 2013
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Happy New Year Symantec and the Connect Community.

Today I updated my patch toolkit ([1][2]) with version 0.6.7, brining in a couple of features ontop of some project consolidation (nothing visible from the end-user standpoint but I have implementing a generic initializer and a config class that allow me to further consolidate the project codes).

Here are the features implemented in 0.6.7:

  • /severity=<severity>|* now has a wildcard token ("*") that allows users to select any severities instead of only one [available in both ZeroDayPAtch.exe and PAtchAutomation.exe]
  • /custom-sp=<sp_name> allows the user to specify a stored procedure name that will be executed [available in PatchAutomation.exe alone]

What's specially interesting in this case (and in the combination of both features) is that it is now possible to generate a result-set to be used in the tool based on what ever the end user want.

The /custom-sp switch will run if the stored procedure name exist, or return nothing and exit with a return code of 0. IF the procedure exist the result set _must_ contain at least 4 columns named (in any order):

  • _ResourceGuid
  • Bulletin
  • Severity
  • Release

The _ResourceGuid must be the guid of a software bulletin resource.

The bulletin is a name used in display and log events.

The severity is a string and is used to match the command line /severity.

The release field is a date time field used to filter out bulletins based on release dates (/released-before and /released-after, used with a default value of <runtime> and <runtime - 1 year>).

With that said, I'll extend again my best wishes to everyone in the community and beyond:

Happy New Year 2013!!!