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{CWoC} aila 0.2.5 is Now the Current Tag, and We Have Now a Win32 Build Available!

Created: 04 Jan 2010 • Updated: 04 Jan 2010
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Time flies by, the New Year is almost an old thing already, and most definitely is aila-0.2.3.

So tonight we have a lot of changes, let's go with the big header tags:

Head Revision 131 was tagged as v0.2.5-Rev131

This is from the main line of code, which is written on Linux systems (32-bit and 64-bit). This is the trunk of the subversion tree. The changes from v0.2.3 are numerous and detailed in the attached diff, but here's a brief highlight:

  • Implemented http to ascii conversion (%22 %20 %97 now display " { } < > etc when you use the --csv-format command line)
  • Added html file type accounting
  • Corrected issue with the asp / aspx file type accounting
  • Added GetLicense.aspx to the accounted Altiris Agent interfaces
  • Added checks to not add invalid ip addresses in the string cache
  • Added context search to find guid types (so we differentiate entries if they are package or computer guids)

Branch Revision 134 was tagged as v0.2.5-Win32-Rev134

 A Win32 dir was added to our build tree (browse it here) with the first valid Windows build (port) we have namely aila-win32-0.2.5.exe. This is a port as it required a few minor changes from the headline version of the code: the <arpa/inet.h> library (pointed to by the header file) does not exist in Windows. So I need to do some research to see if there's a standard POSIX library to handle IP Addresses and convert the dotted decimal representation to native int32 and back. If not I may end up building one on my own.

In all cases, I will most likely brush up the Win32 build and test this before uploading to Connect as a new download. Mean time a beta tagged version is zipped and attached here.

Hopefully I'll be able to quickly run this live with my customers, as there are a few outstanding issues that this tool should help nail down!