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{CWoC} A few updates released this week: Patch Automation v8 and SiteBuilder v10

Created: 30 Aug 2013 • Updated: 05 Sep 2013
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Working with a large customer on Patch Management for the last couple of month, and using extensively the Patch Trending SiteBuilder [1] and ZeroDayPatch [2] I had a chance to make some improvments on both tools (and to PatchAutomation [3] as well, given it shares code and features with ZeroDayPatch). Here's the run down from each tool release notes / documentation updates:

Patch Trending SiteBuilder:

Release 10

Added two troubleshooting pages to list the top 10 bulletins with most changes up (net increase in installed updates)  and down (net increase in vulnerable count). Also took some times to re-order the html pages generated. In this manner the browser will display the html content before it tries to build up the graphs in javascript. Finally I added page title to all generated html pages for additional clarity on the site.


Document version 8:

  • Attached version 8
  • Updated the command line message to reflect changes
  • Added feature /duplicates
  • Added automatic creation of the "patchautomation_excluded" table.
  • Changed naming scheme to be simpler
  • Aligned doc and release versions

PatchAutomation version 8:

Version 1.9: Changed the numbering scheme, so we are now at version 8 and added a "/duplicates" switch. This allows you to generate duplicate policies if you need them, or brand new ones. Any policy created will then be added to the "patchautomation_excluded" table that we generate automatically now. This is useful if you want to transition existing policies to a new target, or as in my case, from hierarchy based to locally generated. Amended the command line /? print out to match those changes.

[1] {CWoc} Patch Trending SiteBuilder

[2] {CWoC} ZeroDayPatch: Patch Automation Tool for PMS 7.1 SP2

[3] {CWoC} Patch Automation - With Full Test Life-cycle