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{CWoC} Review Time is Back, with Only a Few Days Left on My Holiday...

Created: 06 Jan 2010 • Updated: 06 Jan 2010
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Free time for coding will soon become scarce again, as my winter holidays are almost over.

So what is it that I still haven't put in aila [1] and that I would like to put in. Looking back should we change anything to the existing code?

Looking forward first: I have started to work on a feature to keep all parsed data (summary and detailed structures) in-memory. The idea is to run the parse process and drop to a command line prompt for interactive operations such as searching entries with a given ip address, a given package guid or a given computer guid. This feature was thought a while back and put in the wish list only to be dropped soon after. But given we have done almost everything though in the first place, I am interested in this coding challenge and I do believe the feature could really help troubleshooting or base lining

Looking back: I need to do some work to ensure aila is schema agnostic, i.e. the parse starts and aila looks for the headings to store the order and field types that are present in the file. Because as it is right now the program is build to parse only a single type of IIS files, and won't provide any useful results if the log files schema doesn't match. This could be important, or not.

The next interesting change I am considering (and that came out of writing the 0.2.5 user guide [1] ) is to changes the default options to be the 'best' available options. So the end user doesn't need to add 4, 5 or 6 options in order to run aila to gather standard data.

So, I am rather unsure to what will be done (if anything) in the next few days, but in all cases my Connect Winter of Code isn't going to be over with my holidays ;-).