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Data Loss Prevention (Vontu)

Created: 23 Sep 2009 • 2 comments
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Data Loss Prevention (Vontu)


Version #

Release Date*

End of Standard Support

Current version

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 8


Upgrade to current version from


Supported versions


Unsupported & End of Life versions


What does this product do?

Vontu Data Loss Prevention 8 from Symantec is the industry's first integrated solution that combines both endpoint and network-based software to protect confidential wherever it is stored or used. Vontu enables customers to discover data whether it is stored on the network or on a disconnected endpoint, as well as prevent data from exiting any network gateway or endpoint.

Licensing needed for product activation:

No key or file needed for activation.

Product activation license file required (SLF )

Content or Maintenance license required for updates (SLF)

Subscription: Product & Content together (SLF)

License Key or other serial # needed (see below for details)

Temporary licensing available

Key is shipped on the certificate

Customer must register ELS serial number on the License Portal to receive activation key/file

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And to add up, customers who want to upgrade to Data Loss Prevention version 9.0 "CAN" use their version 8 license keys since it's forwards compatible.

Thanks and Regards Lynelle

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Added info:

If you have DLP 8.0 and eligible with an upgrade to DLP 9.0, you will recieve an upgrade notification ID but you will not recieve any license key for DLP 9.0. You will only recieve license keys for DLP 9.0 if you are renewing the product and purchasing a new product or adding the products.


DLP 8.0 is forwards comptible to DLP 9.0
DLP 9.0 is backwards compatible to DLP 8.0

Kind Regards,
 Twixxica_ica :)

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