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Data Outage has the potential to cause Data Outrage in the Cloud without good partnerships

Created: 11 Jul 2012
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The dramatic news that one of the U.K.’s leading financial services organisations had suffered a data outage that led to millions of customers unable to access their accounts should be a wake-up call for every CIO. The event tells them that their operation is entirely dependent on IT and in particular on the IT resources they have to run their systems.

It was once said that financial services can be thought of as a technology business with a financial domain of expertise. Whether or not that is the case, every bank—indeed every business—needs to have in place a watertight disaster recovery that ensures data is continuously available, whatever the scenario. As that major U.K. financial institution is now finding to its cost, the aftermath of a service stoppage can be highly damaging: a loss of customer goodwill, a damaged brand, and a depressed share price.

All of this is brought into sharp focus by the relentless march towards cloud computing. Organisations are increasingly demanding better protection and more recovery options, including leveraging the public cloud for disaster recovery protection. As a result of advancements in replication, clustering and server virtualisation software, the door is now open to achieving this goal by creating more agile recovery architectures inclusive of the cloud, to drive down the cost of business continuity architectures.

The innovative new Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution between Symantec and Microsoft makes this concept a reality. Building on almost a quarter of a century of partnership innovation, trust, and experience, Symantec and Microsoft recently announced a new strategic alliance that will enable businesses of any size to recover business critical applications and their associated data from Microsoft Azure cloud in case of local failure or worse, a site disaster. With this move, Symantec extends its worldwide leadership in physical and virtual disaster recovery into third-party cloud solutions.

The unique differentiator of this combined DRaaS offering over traditional backup and restore services from the cloud is the ability to not only save the data—but also business critical applications that are running the daily operation.

To learn more about Symantec’s Disaster Recovery as a Service offerings visit our disaster recovery solutions page, or watch this video to get more information about our recent announcement on how we are bringing disaster recovery as a service on Windows Azure.