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DB Report of all coumputers in SEPM

Created: 25 Aug 2009 • 1 comment
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Dear Friends please find attached SQL query for DB report.....

use sem5
select pat.version as vd_version,i.MAC_addr1, i.CURRENT_LOGIN_USER, i.computer_name, i.ip_addr1_text,OPERATION_SYSTEM,
dateadd(s,convert(bigint,i.TIME_STAMP)/1000,'01-01-1970 00:00:00'),
dateadd(s,convert(bigint,CREATION_TIME)/1000,'01-01-1970 00:00:00'),i.DELETED,
dateadd(s,convert(bigint,LAST_UPDATE_TIME)/1000,'01-01-1970 00:00:00') lastupdatetime,agent_version, as group_name from
sem_agent as sa with (nolock) left outer join pattern pat on sa.pattern_idx=pat.pattern_idx
inner join v_sem_computer i on i.computer_id=sa.computer_id
inner join identity_map g on
inner join identity_map p on
inner join identity_map s on
inner join identity_map q on where
(sa.agent_type='105' or sa.agent_type='151') and sa.deleted='0'
and (sa.major_version >10 or sa.major_version=5) and I.DELETED = 0

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Joe Bagnulo's picture

I dare say that is a beautiful work of art that rivals the great works of Michelangelo!

If I could give +100 I would!

This is an utterly fantastic time-saver that I highly recommend all administrators to schedule as an auto-refreshing table.

For anyone else also having to deal with a legacy server for managing down-level clients just omit the section below:



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