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Deep down under the hood

Created: 07 Feb 2013 • Updated: 08 Feb 2013 • 2 comments
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Great call today, Altiris support is like a box of chocolate, unless you are nice to some people and they can get you connected with the right people.

Chatted for a while with Thomas Baird today, he's brilliant like Brent Bishop. 2 of the smartest Altiris guys I've ever had a chance to working with. So on with the items of the day. 

We narrowed our top production issues to 3 main items, with a bunch of sub-issues that I sent to Symantec in an email hoping to have the DS team address with some efficiency. 

Issue 1. Machines gets a Device not capable at times. So the issues stems from inventory more than SBS as we originally thought. The NSE processing as Inventory vs Initial Deploy. So Changes were made to initial deploy and testing continues I will say now image to existing machines do work(See issues 3 for more details) but new machines remains to be tested. So the beta solution is fake a InitialDeployment task and get the NSE in with a higher priority. 

Issue 2. x86 WinPE does not work for completing the Ghost job for Unattended.xml copy because of Firm.exe missing from the TaskHandler folder on the PXE servers. Copied file over and all seems ok.

Issue 3. Cannot deploy a image on a child server due to the image cannot be associated with any serial numbers. There is a kb on Altiris for meta data association, and turns out our image capture did not set the OS to to anything but "Unknown" Changed that in the SQL server to Windows 7 Enterprise and all is ok. 


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i remember when i was first trying to capture images, i did it as a backup image rather than for OSD and it got in there as "unknown".  changing it in sql sort of helped in that jobs could see it to use it, but it was still very flaky.  ended up having to capture again, and i never could find the bad image to delete it, so it's probably still somewhere in the system, wasting several gigs of drive space.  

i'll second your comments on thomas.  we worked with him when we were doing our rollout of ITMS 7.1, and he knows DS like nobody else i've ever talked to... which makes sense since he's the head honcho of DS.  his info got us back rolling again much quicker than support could have.  he's got some VERY informative and helpful posts here on connect, too.  it wasn't his fault we had to go back to 6.9 - 7.1 just didn't have all the features we needed yet.  maybe 7.5 will have them, but that's too far down the road, and i haven't seen that roadmap yet.  

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Gibson 99, I doubt that 7.5 will fix much. The looks of the documents mentioning it there is some changes in Hierarchy and maybe some break fix and the native Apple imaging.

As far as DS goes i dont believe it will change much from what I've read unfortunately.

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