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Defrag your SEPM Server Regularly

Created: 01 Feb 2010
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Just a quick blog post seems relevent after some problems were encountered with our SEPM server.  After finding preformance lacking a bit on our SEPM server, I fired up the disk defragmenter.  Despite having run it not that long ago, the drive was heavily fragmented.  Our server has 60 GB of space, was about 2/5ths full, and was well over 40% fragmented.  I setup a task to defrag the drive daily during the early morning hours.   Since then, we haven't had a problem with fragmentation on the SEPM server.

Just some background.  Our SEPM server is running Server 2003 x86 and SEPM RU5.  I suspect due to the database backups and the regular definition downloads, that SEPM, by its nature, has a tendency to fragment drives rapidly.