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Delay Workspace Streaming Agent at Logon

Created: 27 Mar 2009 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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As we all know a lot of processing takes place when a user logs on to a system.  In order to make the user experience as pleasant as possible many administrators delay certain processes from running at logon time.

Customers have asked if there is a way to delay the Symantec Workspace Streaming agent from checking in with the streaming server at logon.  This can be accomplished by adding the following line to the AppstreamCfg.txt.

PrePopulation.WaitForDesktopAfterLogin = # (where # is the number of seconds that to wait).

The AppstreamCfg.txt file is stored in the %ProgramFiles%\Altiris\StreamingAgent\bin folder.  This parameter is only read when the streaming agent starts up, so you will either need to reboot the machine or stop and restart the AWE 6.1 Streaming Agent service.