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Dell Optiplex 960 C-State BIOS Script

Created: 29 May 2009 • Updated: 07 Jul 2009
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The new Dell Optiplex 960 model line isn't currently fully supported by the Dell Client Manager 2.2 and also apparently 3.0, although I have had limited testing with that.  In particular there was a need to change a BIOS setting for the 960's pertaining to the C-State control.  The issue that was coming up is stuttering video in some applications due to the C-State control under performance settings in the Dell BIOS.  To remedy this we created a VB Script to query the Dell OMCI via WMI and change the setting to off for the C-State control.

Option Explicit

Dim strNameSpace
Dim strClassName
Dim strKeyValue
dim strPropName
Dim strPropValue

strNameSpace = "root/Dellomci"
strClassName = "Dell_SMBIOSsettings"
strKeyValue = "0"
strPropName = "CStatesControl"

Set objInstance = GetObject("WinMgmts://./" & strNameSpace & ":" & strClassName & "=" & Chr(34) & strKeyValue & Chr(34))

objInstance.Properties_.Item(strPropName).Value = 4

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
	WScript.Echo "Change failed: " & Err.Number
End If