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Dependency Walker

Created: 22 Oct 2008 • 1 comment
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Why Use Dependency Walker? The following is a list of reasons why you may find it useful and a link to the download site.

Have you ever...

  • wondered why an application or module was failing to load?
  • wondered what minimum set of files are required to run a particular application or load a particular DLL?
  • wondered why a certain module was being loaded with a particular application?
  • wanted to know what functions are exposed by a particular module, and which ones are actually being called by other modules?
  • wanted to know the parameter and return types of exported C++ functions?
  • wanted to remove all dependencies for a given module?
  • wanted to know the complete path of all the modules being loaded for a particular application?
  • wanted to know all the base addresses of each module being loaded for a particular application? What about versions? Or maybe CPU types?

Have you received one of the following errors...

  • The dynamic link library BAR.DLL could not be found in the specified path...
  • The procedure entry point FOO could not be located in the dynamic link library BAR.DLL.
  • The application or DLL BAR.DLL is not a valid Windows image.
  • The application failed to initialize properly.
  • Initialization of the dynamic link library BAR.DLL failed. The process is terminating abnormally.
  • The image file BAR.EXE is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine.
  • Program too big to fit in memory.

You can download the Dependency Walker here.

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