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Deployment Solution Utility Tools

Created: 01 Jun 2006 • Updated: 01 Jun 2006 • 3 comments
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Deployment Solution 6.5 includes a bag chock full of tools and tricks that can be used to make your administration and package editing tasks a breeze.

The Deployment Console lets you open utility programs from the Tools menu or from the Tools toolbar. You can launch Deployment Solution administration tools (Boot Disk Creator, PXE Configuration, Wise SetupCapture and Remote Agent Installer) and package editing tools (Wise MSI Editor, PC Transplant Editor, and Image Explorer) from the toolbar.

Administration tools

Boot Disk Creator. Use this tool to create boot disk configurations, and automation and network boot media to image client computers. The Boot Disk Creator can maintain several different boot disk configurations for different types of network adapter cards. See Altiris Boot Disk Creator help.

PXE Configuration. After installing the Altiris PXE Server, you can create and modify configurations, which make up the boot menu options that display on client computers. This is another solution to boot computers to automation. See the Altiris PXE Configuration help.

Remote Agent Installer. Remotely install the Deployment Agent on client computers from the console. This utility lets you push the agent installation to client computers from the Deployment Console.

Carbon Copy. Remotely control managed computers to view and troubleshoot problems from the Deployment Console. This utility provides comprehensive remote access features beyond the Remote Control feature accessed by right-clicking a computer or computer group from the Deployment Console.

Package Editing Tools

PC Transplant Editor. Use this tool to edit a Personality Package to add or remove data. See the PC Transplant help located in the Deployment Share.

Image Explorer. After a disk image is saved to the Deployment share, this tool lets you view and manage data in the image file. You can edit and split and image, create and index, and more. See the Altiris Image Explorer help file located in the Deployment Share.

Wise MSI Editor. Edit MSI packages generated from the Wise Setup Capture tool or other MSI files used to distribute software and other files.

Resource: Altiris Deployment Solution 6.5 Reference Guide

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melissaelboz's picture

how is the file supposed to be formatted to import into the remote agent installer??

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Nhsnorm's picture

I been creating import lists by placing -c: in front of the pc names in a text document. The doc is then save with a .rci suffice. eg nnlist.rci file contains -c:pcname1 -c:pcname2 etc.... This way all you need is the pc names.

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unruly's picture

When running the remote agent installer, I get the following error at the import step.

Invalid import file flag 'ÿþ-' ignored.
The input file line 'ÿþ-' doesn't specify a computer name or IP address!

I ran the following query to select all of the results and save as an rci file:

SELECT '-c:' + n.ip FROM computer c, nic_interface n
WHERE n.ip != '' AND c.computer_id =

Does anyone know why the save as creates bad rci file data?


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