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Dialog Workflow Component Flow Logic

Created: 17 Feb 2009 • Updated: 17 Feb 2009
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For those using multiple Dialog Workflow components and using "Form Start" as Workflow Type. If you are asking yourself why isn't my workflow reading the Interaction Setup (first) on my second or subsequent Dialog Workflow components, the below might explain why...

This is the Dialog Workflow component's flow logic:

The Dialog Workflow component always starts with the Event Configuration model, then runs the Interaction Setup (as shown below).

However, if your Workflow Type is "Form Start", the first Dialog Workflow component on your model will read the Interaction Setup first (so you can display a webform from the Interaction Setup) and then continue running as default; Event Configuration first, Interaction Setup last (as shown below).

Step 1:

User interaction starts. If it follows the default path, then it jumps to step 2.

Step 2:

Process flows to the second Dialog Workflow component but runs the Event Configuration. When finished, the process will flow to step 3.

Step 3:

Process stays in the second Dialog Workflow component but runs the Interaction Setup.

Note: The above logic applies to any scenario where you have more than one Dialog Workflow component within the same model.