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Did you know VxDMP makes maintenance of compliance easy across the virtual data center ?

Created: 28 Nov 2012 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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With the sizes of data centers ever increasing, it has become a challenge to monitor the settings on the large number of servers in the environment and make them consistent so that compliance needs are met. Also, when new servers are provisioned in the environment, it’s a challenge to tune them according to the constraints of the operating environment.

VxDMP helps to reduce this burden on the vSphere infrastructure administrator by providing a bird’s eye view of the data center compliance under “Solutions and Applications” category under the ‘Home’ view of the vSphere UI client showing

  • Percentage and number of ESX hosts licensed with VxDMP,
  • Percentage and number of ESX hosts using VxDMP without a license
  • Percentage and number of ESX hosts which have not deployed VxDMP.

The vSphere administrator can also get a comprehensive report of the VxDMP license installations with details such as key values, status of the licenses and their validity from each of the ESX hosts in the environment grouped by ESX-defined data centers.

The interface to install the VxDMP license is simple and can be used to install a single license key simultaneously across multiple hosts which perhaps can span data centers.

The vSphere administrator can also get a report of the VxDMP version, the status of license and the VxDMP performance tuning template that’s operational on various ESX hosts within a given data center using the VxDMP tab in the vSphere client UI.

The interface also allows the administrator to fine tune one of the ESX hosts based on the needs of the environment, generate a performance and configuration tuning template from it, and subsequently apply the template across multiple ESX hosts in the data center. This serves as an easy way to replicate best practices and consistency across various hosts in the data center.

Hopefully this article helped you understand how VxDMP makes maintenance of compliance in your environment easy. Do share your experiences in using VxDMP and let me know what you feel VxDMP could do further to make things even better…