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Disaster Season – Is Your Business Prepared?

Created: 16 Jul 2012 • 1 comment
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Coming off a nearly week-long outage in the Northeast that left more than 2 million households/businesses without power, disaster preparedness is certainly top-of-mind for individuals and business owners. Just recently, I read about the 10 states most at risk for a disaster, as identified by, and interestingly the seven states suffering this latest disaster did not make the top 10.

It goes to show that no matter where you are, as a small business owner you need to be prepared. After all, downtime equals lost business – 29 percent of small businesses lost revenue and 52 percent lost productivity due to a typical outage, according to Symantec’s 2012 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey. As a small business, this is a risk you can’t afford to take.

We’re now entering what many call “nature disaster season” and we can expect to see floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and other severe weather take their toll. Is your small business prepared?

Follow these best practices for disaster preparedness to protect you company’s information:

  • Start planning now: Develop a disaster preparedness plan today. Evaluate how strategic technologies such as mobile, virtualization and cloud can help in those efforts.
  • Implement strategic technologies: Adopt integrated cloud backup for offsite storage and disaster recovery, and automated physical to virtual (P2V) backup conversion so you can recover your physical system to a virtual machine in case of a server failure.
  • Protect your information: Use comprehensive security and backup solutions to protect your physical, virtual and mobile systems. You may even opt to backup to the cloud.
  • Review and test your disaster preparedness: This should be completed at least once a quarter.

You need a backup plan because you can’t predict what Mother Nature is going to bring your way and when it’ll happen. However, you can be fairly sure that by wind, fire, water, hacker or human error, at some point disaster will strike and every small business is very likely to face downtime. For those that are prepared, this will be a minor incident in the normal course of business; for those that are not, it can be devastating.

Are you prepared?