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Distributed Application Restore Mapping for Restore using SharePoint Agent for NetBackup.

Created: 21 Jan 2013 • 2 comments
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Hey Guys,

In this new post i am going to talk about the Distributed Application Restore Mapping. This feature allows us to restore content to any server in the SharePoint Farm. Traditionally the backup images are cataloged under FE server. To enable Netbackup to restore to other servers in the farm, we must specify the Frontend and Application Servers mapping to Backend Servers in the Distributed Application Restore Mapping dialog.

There are two Columns in that Dialog ” Application Host” and “Component Host”. The Application host column should contain the names of the Frontend Server and Application Servers and the Component Host column contains the SQL Backend Server names. If SQL is clustered then the Virtual Name of the Cluster is specified in this column.

For Example – Consider the SharePoint Farm having servers 2 Application Servers APP1, APP2), (1 Front End Server FE) and (1 SQL Backend – BE) then the Distributed Application Restore Mapping for this would look like

Application Host                              Component Host
App1                                                           BE
App2                                                           BE
FE1                                                             BE

This is also very essential in case of Redirected Restore of a Web Application to another farm. In this case the Distributed Application Restore Mapping should contain the mappings for Alternate Farm as well.

This can be set on the master server NetBackup Management > Host Properties > Master Servers->Distributed Application Restore Mapping.

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Gaurav Kaushal's picture

Adding these entries in Distributed Application Restore Mapping dialog will create a registry entry SPS_REDIRECT_ALLOWED which means that we can do an alternate client restore.

Thanks and Regards.

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Wiriadi Wangsa's picture

Hi Gaurav,

Would you mind giving us example of distributed application restore mapping for "Redirected Restore of a Web Application to another farm" please?

Assuming in my prod farm I have: FE1, App1, App2, BE

And in my alternate farm I have: DRFE1, DRApp1, DRApp2, DRBE


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