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Do you hate spam? So do I

Created: 30 Mar 2009 • Updated: 03 Apr 2009
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Let me just put this out there. I hate spam. On the scale of things I hate, spam might be in the top-three, trailing only the Los Angeles Lakers, a satellite service that shall remain nameless, and lettuce. A lot of people think I should end my beef with lettuce, but seriously what does it bring to the table? As far as I can tell it has no flavor, and because of that we must mask that lack of flavor with something like ranch dressing, which defeats the purpose of eating something as disgusting as lettuce in the first place. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I want to discuss spam.

Recently I began to get a lot of spam at my personal email address, and I’m not afraid to admit that this is mostly because of my own doing. I am currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Utah, and I found out that one of my classmates was a member of Mensa. For whatever reason I was intrigued by this and wondered if I could score in the 98th percentile on a standardized IQ test. Well because of what happened next, I can guarantee you that will not be happening soon.

To make a long story short, I saw one of those flashy banner ads promoting an online IQ test, which under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have clicked on but on that day I couldn’t resist. I went ahead and registered, took the test, and at the end there were all of these marketing offers that I needed to opt out of. Well apparently I didn’t opt out of everything because since then I’ve received an endless barrage of spam. Because I’m an idiot, I get at least 20 spam messages a day and I still don’t know what my IQ is.

Symantec offers a number of email security solutions that allow organizations to virtually eliminate spam from their email environment. One recent example of spam elimination we have chronicled occurred at Walker Wayland, an accounting firm in Sydney, Australia. The company had seen a significant increase in spam over the years, much of which was offensive to its employees. In an effort to curtail spam in its environment, Walker Wayland turned to Symantec Brightmail Message Filter. This has eliminated 99.5 percent of spam in its environment and has saved its employees a significant amount of time that used to be spent sorting through spam.

Click here to find out more about Walker Wayland’s implementation of Brightmail Message Filter as well as its implementation of Symantec Endpoint Protection.