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Don’t be nightmare for others

Created: 17 Aug 2010 • Updated: 17 Aug 2010
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Don’t be nightmare for others

I don’t want to share a story which was the worst experience of mine or which may leads you to stop going migration/ up gradation to a superb OS. My experiences are mostly well when I go for migration/up gradation.

You can start migrate/upgrade activity one more time or plenty of times if there is something bad happen while doing this but the situation can be disastrous if you don’t have data backup and there is something bad happen with data while doing this activity

My priority always keeps myself on safe side whenever I do upgrade Software’s, Devices or Operating System because I never wanted to be a nightmare for others. You may have seen or listen that someone’s data is deleted while migration/up gradation because accidently did new installation except upgrade the operating system or formatted the drive while up gradation/migration. To be save we need to keep few pre requisites which can save our data from accidental deletion and going happily to the new Windows7.

Note: - I again persist you to make sure that your data is successfully backed up before doing the migration/ up gradation activity.
Pre requisites

  1. Make sure that your programs and devices will work with Windows 7?

First of all we need to find compatibility problems with computer's hardware, devices, or programs that might affect installing Windows 7, download and run the free Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.
Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

     2.      Windows Easy Transfer

There is a tool name Windows Easy Transfer, it’s a free download which helps you move your files and settings to another location before you install Windows 7. Then, you can use Windows Easy Transfer again to move your files and settings back to your PC after Windows installation is completed.

See the below link for more about Windows Easy Transfer

    3.       Start installing Windows7

Choose the Custom/Upgrade option during installation as per your need. I would also like to share a nice link with snapshot which guide you to upgrade Windows XP to Windows7

You can also see the below video link which will be very helpful while migrating Windows XP to Windows7. Although in the below video your data will not be over written but keep yourself save backup you data before doing anything.

     4.      Move your file back

Move your files back from Windows Easy Transfer when you finished your migration/up gradation activity. But before doing this make sure your have installed the respective programs.
There are almost in all offices where the data keeps on centralized location and the desktop users don’t have data at the desktop or even at their PCs drives normally. But there are many places where some critical data are at Laptops and desktops. This may be the CEO laptop or any senior person note book. So follow the above pre requisites when you are at such location, it will hopefully very beneficial for you in future.

Best of luck