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Don't Miss Symantec's Summer eDiscovery Blockbuster

Created: 04 May 2014 • Updated: 04 May 2014
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This week at Symantec Vision 2014 in Las Vegas you will see the Project-X partnership kick-off between the Norton product line and X-MEN Days of Future Past.  Not to be out-done by X-Men, the eDiscovery team at Symantec is coding its own blockbuster storylines for this summer.  We’re working on the direction for the trailer. How do these sound?

“Now able to reach into the corners of the cloud universe, IT data archeologists extract the smoking gun email, barely meeting DOJ deadlines.”  Definitely an action and adventure flick. Maybe Harrison is willing to redeem that crystal skull disaster.

Or how about, eDiscovery administrators are finally free from case management captivity, return to the dating scene…” It has rom-com written all over it.

Or maybe, “Virtualization...”

That’s all I’ve got on that one. Sounds sci-fi enough on its own.

The true story is the upcoming release of the Symantec™ eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell plans to deliver elements of all three.

Collection from cloud data sources

The range of target sources for eDiscovery collections continues to widen as employees utilize a diverse set of applications to store and manage business information. To support users under constrained resources, IT departments are increasingly deploying these applications in cloud environments. Two critical applications that are moving to the cloud as well as becoming important sources for eDiscovery are email archives and SharePoint.

The upcoming release of the eDiscovery Platform plans to enable the search, filter, collection and preservation of information stored in Enterprise directly from the eDiscovery Platform interface and in tandem with other collection and legal hold tasks.

Additionally the summer release plans collection of all SharePoint data whether online or on-premise to provides users the ability to collect all content types from their SharePoint environments along with revision history –helping to prevent spoliation and improve the defensibility of the collection process.

eDiscovery review automation

Every eDiscovery effort eventually includes an element of linear review, where teams of attorneys determine characteristics like relevancy, privilege, trade secrets, etc. of each document in a data set and tag it appropriately. One time consuming challenge of this process is the need to manually folder, batch and move groups of 'tagged' documents to the appropriate next stage of review. The Symantec eDiscovery Platform plans to leapfrog this manual step with rules based automation.

Workflow automation rules free eDiscovery administrators from the fits and stops of a tiered review process. Leveraging an easy to use template to custom build rules that automatically move certain groups of tagged documents from one stage of the review to the next stage, customers improve the speed at which linear review can be conducted.


As case data sets continue to grow and IT departments look to modernize their environments our customers demand consumer grade performance and deployment flexibility. Virtualization enables Symantec eDiscovery Platform customers to deploy their solution in any configuration, appliance based or virtual. In a virtualized deployment, customers can rapidly provision large scale deployments, easily expand existing deployments and (if relevant) comply with virtualization/cloud mandates.

Be sure to tune in to the Vision keynote announcement and if you’re in Vegas stop by the Information Governance Experience to see the Symantec eDiscovery Platform in action.  For more information on the eDiscovery Platform visit

PLEASE READ: Any forward-looking indication of plans for products is preliminary and all future release dates are tentative and are subject to change. Any future release of the product or planned modifications to product capability, functionality, or feature are subject to ongoing evaluation by Symantec, and may or may not be implemented and should not be considered firm commitments by Symantec and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.