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The Double-Edged Sword of IP Convergence (CIO Digest, January 2009 Issue)

Created: 01 Feb 2009 • Updated: 02 Apr 2009
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The emergence of Web 2.0 creates interesting challenges and opportunities for many organizations and spans most functional areas—from sales and marketing, to IT project management and product engineering, to HR and finance. As the enabling infrastructure behind much of Web 2.0, telecommunications companies find themselves in a careful balancing act between the “old world” of fixed-line channels and next-generation networks that are often accompanied by image, music, video, and audio service download options.

IP brings together the old and the new

IP offers a means to facilitate the convergence between these two channels—the old and the new. Most networks are now IP-based, and endpoints are quickly adopting IP (e.g., ATMs). For its industry feature in the January 2009 issue of CIO Digest, Ken Downie spoke with Robert Rosenberg, the president of Insight Research, a telecommunications market research firm based on Boonton, New Jersey. He explains that along with new product opportunities and infrastructure cost savings comes increased risk.

Security and storage challenges—and opportunities—for telcos

Downie also spoke with two IT leaders. Walid Kamal, the vice president of Technology Security and Risk Management at du, one of the two major telecommunications providers serving Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Defining and building a security infrastructure that would not become quickly outdated was one of Kamal’s top priorities.

Downie also had a chance to speak with Bruno Kocher, the head of Enterprise Storage Servers at Swisscom IT Services, which servers Swisscom, the largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland. Kocher is charged with addressing a completely different set of initiatives than Kamal. The availability of systems and data, including storage and backup offerings, is business critical for Swisscom IT Services, as it not only provides IT services to Swisscom but various other corporate clients such as financial services and transportation.

Check out the full article

Much more detail is available in the feature, “The Double-Edged Sword of IP Convergence,” via the the online version of CIO Digest.