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Identity and Authentication Services

Drummond Reed on Anonymous Single Sign On

Created: 13 Feb 2006 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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Over on the OpenID mailing list, I made some comments outlining concerns about OpenID/YADIS/LID and the prospect of managing directional identity. Drummond Reed emailed shortly after I posted my thoughts, pointing out that he had covered this topic in depth on his blog back in December.

So he has. And, suprise, we came up with essentially the same solution. My suggestions were largely informed by the Sxip approach to the problem of directed identity, so I suppose its fair to say that I've essentially just been agreeing with Dick Hardt and his team, as well as Drummond and his: a robust single sign-on technology -- even a lightweight one -- should support on-the-fly, directed identities. If you've been following the evolving discussion around OpenID, YADIS, LID, XRI, and their points of convergence, Drummond's post is good one to read on this subject.