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DS7.2 Beta and the RevoDrive

Created: 20 Dec 2011 • Updated: 20 Dec 2011 • 2 comments
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Beta testing on the Symantec Management Platform is a pain. The hardware prerequisite for a responsive console throws the traditional workstation beta testing VMs out into the cold. Whilst they work, it's pretty frustrating beta testing when you're waiting ages for console refreshes.

So.. for this round of beta testing I decided to bite the bullet and get a OCZ RevoDrive for my beta testing virtual machines. The Revodrive 3 240GB capacity is more than enough to house my beta SMP server, domain controller, a site server,  some dhcp routers and a couple of client VMs.

I am not disappointed. HDTune registers drive transfer rates of over 400MB/s and 0.1ms access times. Even within a VMWare workstation VM, the times are sweet. When benchmarking within a VM, the most notable change is in the access time. Initial tests show this ballooning to over 0.7ms, but in context this is still 20-30 times faster than my harddisk!

My Windows 2008 R2 server VM opens up and populates event viewer instantly. The Altiris console silverlight windows for the DS beta now also load with only a slightest of delays. Would be interesting to see now where the remaining bottlenecks are for console loads....

So... finally, for now, I am in Beta tester heaven....

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Do you host SQL on the VM too?

What do you use for DHCP routing?

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SQL is co-hosted with SMP in this instance. I run a light-weight debian vm for a DHCP server on one subnet, and a ipcop vm which bridges the subnets with a dhcp helper. This gives a good simulation of a 'real' environment where the clients are rarely on the same subnet as the Altiris servers.

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