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DVS SMART is Preparing to Celebrate

Created: 31 Aug 2011 • Updated: 31 Aug 2011
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WOW! DVS SMART has almost reached 10.000 downloads. It's amazing and it tells us that there is a demand to have something between SVSadmin and SWS.

A lot of the users who downloaded the software have asked us for improvements and enhancements and we listened to this.

In a few weeks, yes I will let you know, a new version of SMART will be released that makes managing SWV layers even much easier.

A full list of all functionality and improvements will be posted soon.

So for everybody that is not aware of SMART:

Smart stands for Simplified Management Application repository Tool and you install it on every desktop, laptop or VDI image that you use to run SWV virtualised applications.

Traditionally Symantec has two tools available for you

  • SWV admin
  • SWS streaming

SWV admin allows you to locally manage layers and to perform certain tasks, but you need administrator privileges. When end users have admin privileges, they can also export the applications and use them on non company desktops and laptops.

SWS is a very enhanced version os sws adding streaming capabilities and a lot more functionality to your SWV implementation, But SWS is in many cases to much.

Smart is fitted just between SWV admin and SWS, and enables administrators to add, remove, activate,de-activate and reset layers at end users logon. It's a very enhancement swv userlogon, but Symantec is not using that any more.

With the DVs user console you can administrate layers and create application provisioning functionality as wel as basicv streaming functionality to get your layers on the end users desktops and laptops without the need to give the end user administrative permissions.

DVS SMART is free for home and personal use, but for everybody who wants to have SMART in a professional environment pricing starts as low as 9,95€ per desktop depending the functionality you need.