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Effective Information Governance starts with People and Process First

New release of Symantec Data Insight 4.5 delivers workflow and customization to put remediation in the hands of data owners
Created: 02 Jun 2014 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014 • 1 comment
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When we first launched Symantec Data Insight, it was to help customers answer the question “Whose Data Is It Anyway?”. Establishing data ownership is very difficult for unstructured data but critical for effective information governance. Our customers know from experience that data owners (and neither IT nor Risk & Compliance) are best suited to make decisions about the data since they best understand its business value and relevance.

Yet, as customers started taking advantage of the analytics in Data Insight to identify data owners, they encountered a process challenge – how to engage and empower the data owners. We saw customers attempt to cobble together homegrown approaches or perform this manually which becomes costly and unsustainable. These challenges have only been made worse due to the explosive growth of data.

With the release of Symantec Data Insight 4.5, we have now streamlined this process. A new Self-Service Portal can help IT, Risk and Compliance professionals automate the process of engaging data owners in a scalable and cost-effective manner. These professionals can establish workflows for data owners to:

  • Certify ownership to establish greater accountability
  • Govern access or entitlements to key data resources they own
  • Remediate sensitive files in conjunction with Symantec DLP to reduce risk of data loss

Data owners complete these workflows from the intuitive, web-based Self-Service Portal designed with non-technical, business users in mind. 


In addition to the Self-Service Portal, Symantec Data Insight 4.5 adds new report templates for in-depth analysis. Each customer has unique analysis needs ranging from metadata search to user tracking to Active Directory analysis. These report templates, created from community knowledge, offer immediate and industry relevant insights for risk, compliance and operations efforts. Additionally we are pleased to launch a new community for report exchange between Data Insight experts and industry peers.

Furthermore, as our customers modernize their file servers and storage devices, we have extended the coverage of Data Insight to NetApp clustered DataONTAP, EMC Isilon and Windows Server 2012.

For more information about Symantec Data Insight 4.5, visit our website.

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Marc J's picture

As I define it, data is bits, bytes, and types of files.  The collection thereof when a value is assigned by an organization becomes information (i.e. client record, PII, patient record, etc.).  No computer, storage array, or program will ever be able to classify information; however, Data Insight is a great tool to classify data as an input to or validation of information classification.

The knowledge of who is touching the data becomes a great tool in evaluating how to protect it, where to place it, and the manner of security scrutiny appropriate.  Information that is available but not secure is suspect (i.e. Wikipedia).  Information that is secure but not available is worthless.

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