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Eliminating Downtime with High Availability Solutions

Created: 12 Apr 2010 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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I’ve never worked on an assembly line, but every time I picture it, I remember the hiliarious ILove Lucy episode where she’s eating chocolates off of a fast-moving conveyor belt. I’m always amazed that in the real world, a row of people (or machines), each doing some isolated job, can pop out a complex product at the end of the line, without creating chaos.

LG Display used to experience assembly-line glitches that were extremely expensive and caused significant downtime—a far cry from the I Love Lucy episode. The company manufactures display panels for electronics in a fully automated process, and glitches in its MES software would completely stop assembly, at a cost of up to US$24 million per incident. But since rolling out Symantec storage, clustering, and backup solutions, LG Display has kept its MES up 24x7.
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