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Email Phishing Scheme Takeaway: More than Just the High & Flighty Need Stronger Security

Created: 06 Oct 2009 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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CNET reported this morning that fraudsters phished thousands of email account passwords from multiple email providers.

You don't have to be a government official, political figure or celebrity to be the target of the phishing and password-reset hack. This latest incident demonstrates that hackers have moved beyond just the high and flighty to target ordinary people. With each security breach, the shortcomings of weak passwords and the need for stronger authentication solutions become more and more evident. One-time passwords via two factor authentication provides a critical layer of security to counter such threats. If you're an organization that has been on the fence on rolling out two-factor authentication, you're in luck. VeriSign is offering a 90 Day free trial of the VeriSign Identity Protection Service -- see more details at 90 Day Trial.