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Emperor Entertainment Group Web Site Hacked

Created: 12 Feb 2007 08:00:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:52:42 GMT
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Emperor Entertainment Group: From sex photo scandal to Web site being hacked, key word: protect the data on your hard drive.

It's probably not the best way to advertise privacy protection, butit's indeed something that should ring a bell for those who leave theirportable devices unattended or unsecured.

Rumor has it that Edison Chan, the popular celebrity from Hong Kong,had data stolen from his personal laptop. Now under normalcircumstances, this would be bad enough. However, it turns out Mr. Chanhad taken hundreds of pictures and videos of over 14 female celebritiesin various states of dress and involved in various sexual acts, andstored this data on his computer. The stolen data has since spreadquickly over the Internet.

Earlier today the Emperor Entertainment Group's Web site - the groupthat several of the victims have contracts with - was hacked by someonecalling themselves "blspi" with the following message in Chinese, "Isincerely hope EEG will film more entertaining movies! In recent years,the company as well as the whole Hong Kong film industry, has producedfewer and fewer good movies."

So regardless of whether "blspi" and the person who spread thephotos were the same person, or the motivation for their actions, itgoes to show that you should always keep your devices secure, encryptyour data, and you should never leave mobile devices unattended.

Remember, always use Symantec security products on your devices, and lock them up.