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Enable MSI Installer Logging

Created: 05 Jun 2008 • 2 comments
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I just learned that you can enable MSI logging so that if your installer fails with an error you can see where the MSI failed.

To enable MSI loggging:

  1. Open Regedit.
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer.
  3. Create a new Reg_SZ value named "Logging" with the value "voicewarmup".

While "voicewarmup" is easy to remember, it actually signifies all of the different options that you want to enable.

Here is the complete list of options:

v Verbose output
o Out-of-disk-space messages
i Status messages
c Initial UI parameters
e All error messages
w Non-fatal warnings
a Start up of actions
r Action-specific records
m Out-of-memory or fatal exit information
u User requests
p Terminal properties
+ Append to existing file
! Flush each line to the log

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You can now enable logging on a per package basis on Vista(MSI 4.0 or above). Just use the new property MsiLogging within the desired MSI package.

There is also the DisableLoggingFromPackage policy to override this if Administrators wish. The MsiLogFileLocation property holds the log file location and name of the file for easier locating.

Other methods to generate logs can be found in this below link..

Hope this helps.


Microsoft MVP [Setup-Deploy]

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Danno_SM's picture

Here is the Microsoft MSDN support url for MSI cmd line options.
Condor man, you are correct and your suggestion will create a System policy for MSI logging. In some scenarios such as Active Directory or resillency the AD policy may be the only way to get a log. However keep in mind that highly verbose logging can have a system performance hit.
All of these logging options can be accomplished if you send the same command line to the MSI file directly.
E.g. msiexec /i "MyInstaller.msi" /L*v mylog.txt

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