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Enabling "Push Status to Children" for All Incidents

Created: 30 Oct 2006 • Updated: 20 Jul 2007 • 5 comments
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Helpdesk does not push the status of a parent incident to child incidents out of the box unless the incidents have certain properties set. To enable parent->child status updating, simply import the incident rule in this XML.

The specific property that must be set on an incident in order for it to inherit the status of the parent incident is "Parent Link Type" which must equal "Inherit Status". By default all incidents have a "Parent Link Type" of "Simple" so the built in automation rules that allow for parent->child status updating don't apply.

This XML file will set the "Parent Link Type" on all incidents that have been linked to a parent incident to "Inherit Status".

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Thanks for this, have been trying to figure this out for ages now and it finally works.


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I'm having the same issue as my friend here. But how do I apply this Code? The incident rule from the worker console doesn't allow me to put a raw code like that. It gives me logic I can put in to make it do whatever. But where do you suggest to put the code?

Birhanu Dererei Athenahealth, Inc.

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It is imported from Admin > Import Admin Data.

This finally helped the push status start working for me. I am not sure why it isn't set up to work out of the box.

One problem I still see is the push always fires, but it seems like it doesn't always work when closing the ticket. It also seems to occur only when trying to get to a closed status. I can go from resolved to hold to open to resolved and it works every single time. If I go to closed on the parent, the child keeps the previous status.

Here is the comments where the child stays open after the parent is closed:

20 - 4/9/2009 9:57:30 AM - ME (ME) - Edit 
(Comment not visible to guests) 
Automation rule fired: 'Push Status to Children'


Name: 'Touch children - sets no properties itself'

URL: 'http://LAB/AeXHD/WebService.asmx/ProcessWorkItem?

Url successfully invoked.

19 - 4/9/2009 9:57:28 AM - ME (ME) - Closed 
These changes were made:
Status changed
    From: Open
    To: Closed 

Any ideas?


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macten this worked. Now I can close the chidren when the parent is closed. However the comment that is input in the parent is not added to the child.
Any ideas?
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I got this working and wanted to let you know.

I did a invoke WORKITEM(workitem_bulletin_status) in my push status rule.

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