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Endpoint Data Protection for Windows 7

Created: 21 Oct 2009 • Updated: 05 Nov 2012
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PGP Corporation is pleased to announce our support for Microsoft Windows 7.   For those who want to read the official word, check us out in the Windows 7 Compatibility Center.

While news of cybercrime may garner most of the headlines, research from the Ponemon Institue and DatalossDB tells us that lost laptops are the number one cause of data breaches worldwide.  And right behind system failures at number three are USB and portable storage devices - making protection of endpoints the number one concern for security professionals.

To help organizations control their risk, PGP Corporation offers a complete set of products to protect your endpoints.  Whether netbooks, notebooks or desktops, PGP Corporation combines full disk encryption, device control, application control and portable media encryption for the most in-depth solution available for Windows.

Here's what PGP® Desktop looks like running on Windows 7.  Notice the ability to control a range of data protection capabilities from a single application.


Our flagship PGP® Whole Disk Encryption provides comprehensive full disk encryption capabilities, integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, and capable of providing comprehensive reporting no matter what combination of Windows the user base is running (not to mention Mac OS X, Ubuntu and Red Hat Linux).

In addition, PGP Corporation offers additional capabilities to help mitigate the range of data risks posed at the endpoint.  To the extent that you think of data leakage and loss as security vulnerabilities, you could loosely call PGP Corporation's endpoint data protection bundle a "security pack" against data breach:

  • Device and application control—Granular device and application control using whitelisting technology, now on Windows 7 and VMware platforms
  • Email encryption —Automatic, transparent email encryption with instant messaging protection for Microsoft® Outlook, IBM® Lotus Notes,  Mozilla® Thunderbird and AOL® AIM
  • File and folder encryption— Greater policy control and enhanced performance for data on shared file servers
  • Portable encryption — Secure sharing of data on USB devices and optical media with users on Windows and Mac OS X without requiring them to install software

Here's PGP® NetShare running on Windows 7.  PGP® NetShare will let you share encrypted files among users of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.


This was just a quick taste of PGP® capabilities.  For more information on PGP® endpoint data protection solutions, click here.  Also, stay tuned for a multi-part series over the coming weeks where we'll show each of these technologies at work securing Windows 7 and mixed environments.