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Enterprise Vault and Backup Exec

Created: 28 Aug 2009 • 3 comments
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Backup Exec 12.5 released an Agent for Enterprise Vault, which is designed to offer complete protection for Enterprise Vault 7.5 implementations.  When Enterprise Vault 8.0 was released, architectural changes in EV 8.0 made the Backup Exec 12.5 Agent for Enterprise Vault unable to automatically protect all aspects of Enterprise Vault. An integrated solution will be in the next version of BE. In the meantime …

For customers who have not purchased the Agent for Enterprise Vault, and wish to protect Enterprise Vault manually with a combination of Backup Exec Agent for SQL Server and Agent for Windows Systems, refer to the following Tech Note:

The Backup Exec 12.5 Agent for Enterprise Vault contains all of the building blocks necessary to protect Enterprise Vault 8.0.  Customers who have purchased the Agent for Enterprise Vault do not need to purchase any additional Agents/Options to fully protect Enterprise Vault with Backup

The following procedure will create several jobs which will result in complete protection for the Enterprise Vault 8.0 infrastructure.

Step 1

When the Agent for Enterprise Vault is installed on each member server in the Enterprise Vault infrastructure, the Enterprise Vault entities shown in the Backup Browse view will form the core of the first job.  From the Backup View, expand the “Enterprise Vault” icon, and select the Sites,

Vault Stores, Vault Store Databases, Partitions, Index Locations, Directory Databases, and Monitoring Databases to be backed up in this first job.

This will create a single job that protects these specific entities.  This job will keep the EV Services in read-only mode for database consistency purposes.

Step 2

Create a series of SQL jobs to protect the additional databases introduced in EV 8.0.  These databases are the Auditing Database (AuditDB), the FSA Reporting Database (FSAReportingDB), Fingerprint Database (FingerPrintDB), Compliance Accelerator, and Discovery Accelerator databases.

Administrators will need to browse to the appropriate physical server where these databases run in order to select them for protection.  The Agent for Enterprise Vault must be licensed and the Remote Agent for Windows Systems must to be installed on any system that hosts an Enterprise Vault database.

These databases do not require Enterprise Vault to be put into ReadOnly or backup mode, and as such can be protected while they are online. The Agent for Enterprise Vault includes all features and functions necessary to consistently protect running Microsoft SQL databases.

1.     Create a SQL backup job to protect the Auditing Database (EnterpriseVaultAudit) and the FSA Reporting Database (EnterpriseVaultFSAReporting)

a.     Use Full or Incremental (backup transaction log and truncate) backup method.

2.     Create a SQL backup job to protect the Fingerprint Database and ExpressVaultStore Databases

a.     Use Full, Differential, or incremental (backup transaction log and truncate) backup method.

b.     Symantec advises customers to backup the FingerPrint databases after every VaultStore backup. This is to ensure that backup copies of the Fingerprint Database and the physical VaultStore are consistent.  In case of a recovery, the closer the FingerPrint Databases and VaultStores are in time will make for a faster recovery process.

3.     Create a SQL backup job to backup Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator databases (i.e. ConfigurationDB, CustomerDB and CustodianDB) if present.

a.     Protect Configuration, Customer, Custodian, and other databases using Full, Differential, or Incremental (backup transaction log and truncate) backup methods.

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Can you clarify whether an additional Enterprise Vault agent license must be purchased if the SQL database is on a different server to the main EV services?

The SQL server in question already has a Remote and SQL agent license.


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Zazi6969's picture


I'm not an expert in SQL. I have a question regarding point 1.a:

"Use Full or Incremental (backup transaction log and truncate) backup method."

Does the Full backup do the backup of transaction log and the truncate? It does't look like it is the case specially for the directory and the monitoring databases. I have event error message below.

Any help would be apprecaited.

Event ID: 41013

The SQL database transaction log for Vault Store 'MYEVS' has used 95% of its allocated space.

The information in this database is at risk until the database has been backed up.

Review your SQL database backup procedures and make any changes needed to ensure that backups happen in a timely fashion.

Ensure that your database is adequately sized for the transactions taking place during an archive run.

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hystad's picture

Full backup dosent take the transaction logs. you need to have an incremental backup to do that.

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